Fan mail from happy clients never gets old

I'm not shy about tooting my own horn, but it's so much easier when my clients do it for me…

Paula…makes my business better

“Paula is the partner that makes my business better. I rely on her for objectivity, creativity, specific and concrete results.”
—Seena Sharp, Sharp Information Research

…infectious enthusiasm

“Paula’s keen eye and insightful guidance helped make my website stand out. She knew how to add eye-catching design touches and discovered exactly where improvements were needed. Her excellent variety of skills and infectious enthusiasm to assist others makes her a sure-bet for anyone in need of web/promotional/design help.”
—Stephen R. Wolcott, Wolcott Media

…so much fun

“Working with her is so much fun. She’s as smart as they come, unbelievably creative, super nice and so darn funny that she could charge extra just for her sense of humor (but Paula, please don’t). I highly recommend Paula Johnson!”
—Idelle Davidson

…outstanding performance

“Paula is one of those people you can simply point to a project and then get out of her way while she gets in done on time and budget. She is a marketer’s marketer and a complete professional in every sense of the word.”
—Bill Matthies, Coyote Insight

…really listened

“Paula is a pleasure to work with. She really listened to what I told her about my likes and dislikes. Paula is a good writer and graphic designer with a strong sense of humor.”
—Karen Callahan, Positively Ayurvedic

…a pleasure to work with

“She has a fantastic sense of design, and she knows how to use design to maximize web effectiveness. She is also smart, punctual, reliable, creative and a pleasure to work with. What more could a person ask?”
—Margaret Finnegan, author, The Goddess Lounge

I knew I was in good hands

“The range of what Paula knows is daunting. One of my thank you emails to Paula says it all: ‘You are a force!’ Every time we talked, I knew I was in good hands. That's a powerful feeling.”
—Ellen Zimmerman, Jewish Holidays in a Box

…an artist's eye and a techie's mind

Paula has an artist’s eye and a techie’s mind, wrapped around an intuitive nature. She designed my website and magically divined what I needed even when I couldn’t articulate it. Plus which she’s fun to work with!
—Bonnie Schroeder, author, Mending Dreams

…a joy to work with

“She is probably the most creative person I have ever encountered in terms of copywriting, design, and her overall approach to problem-solving. I could not recommend her highly enough and, as an added bonus, she’s a joy to work with.”
—Carrie St. Michel

…incredibly creative

“Paula was incredibly creative and helpful, without replacing my voice with hers. I noticed the same qualities in projects she’d done for other clients, as well.”
—Beverly Diehl, novelist

…loved working with her

“When Paula Johnson comes on board you and your project are in excellent hands. I loved working with her on my book Christmas in Hell. Paula was creative and decisive. She handled the design, layout and editorial.”
—Michael Lent, author, Christmas in Hell

She's amazing!

“Practical, clever, and funny, Paula took a very academic textbook with a clunky title and turned it into a popular book. How? By adding wonderful graphics, reminding me of easily-overlooked details, and focusing on the reader’s need to read and use Compelling Conversations. Several editors at major publishing houses in the field have praised the cover, design, and organization of the book. Paula deserves all the credit. She's amazing!”
— Eric H. Roth, co-author, Compelling Conversations

…imagination to spare

“Paula is a gifted copywriter with imagination to spare...I always look forward to working with her. She is a pro through and through and a great person to boot!!”
—Shelly Somerset, producer and voiceover

…amazingly good

“Paula delivers creative, well thought out websites, marketing materials and, PR campaigns, and she makes it look easy. She is simply the best.”
—Melané Ali, real estate broker

…manages my projects from start to finish

“Paula manages my projects from start to finish, producing creative and eye-catching work that is concise, focused and on time. All this while also helping me navigate through the ins and outs of marketing and advertising—a whole new adventure for me.”
—Greg Hubach, TEQlease

…the mind of a marketer and the talent of a designer

“Paula Johnson has the mind of a marketer and the talent of a designer. She thinks of details you'd never come up with and coaches you through things that scare you. Let her help you with your online marketing. She’s snappy!”
—Petrea Burchard, author, Act As If

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