Writing for the ear

When I'm writing a speech or script, my dog looks around to see who I'm talking to. That's because I "perform" as I write to make sure the words and cadence are easy on the speaker and the audience.

Show and tell with video

Video production can be complex, but the first step is always the same: a script that engages your target audience and gets them to take action.

The masterminds behind Husband in a Box hired me to write a fun video to woo viewers to opt into the email list.

My radio scripts are spot on

I've written 40+ funny radio spots for a fashion retailer in Los Angeles. I'm grateful to the  voiceover artists and the sound engineers who brought my 60-second scripts to loony life. Listen to a few of my favorites.

volume_up volume_mute
  •   Dr. Romance
  •   Scarlett
  •   About My Husband
  •   Preggers
  •   Mother of the Bride
  •   Bowling for Discounts
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title
  •   Artist Name - Song Title

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